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VnC Server Rules

Here at VnC, our staff takes our rules VERY seriously, and any attempt to break or bend the rules listed below will possibly result to a ban.  Keep in mind, the interpretation of these rules is left open to the Staff members online.  If you feel as if you were wrongfully banned, please feel free to appeal on our website forums!

Instant Ban Violations

  1. Griefing areas which are protected by command blocks (i.e. spawn) will result in an instant ban without chance for appeal on our forums.
  2. Threatening staff can result in an instant ban, but you will typically be given a warning first in the form of a 30 minute jail time.  This will be followed by a username/ip-ban if it persists.
  3. Any alt account caught on our server will be immediately instant banned.  This will only result in a username ban, and not an ip-ban so the original account can still play.

Jail/Ban Violations

  1. Use of hacked clients or modded clients is prohibited.  If caught, you will be jailed and warned the first time, and username/ip-banned the second time.
  2. Spamming chat is prohibited with any sort of text.  You will be warned the first time by being jailed for 30 minutes.  If caught a second time, you will be username/ip-banned.
  3. Continually asking for a staff position will result in a 30 minute jail period followed by a username/ip-ban if it persists.
  4. Any form of hate speech (to be determined by staff) will result in a 30 minute jail time followed by an instant username/ip-ban if it persists.
  5. Spawn fighting in any world is prohibited.  If caught you will be jailed for 30 minutes, followed by a username/ip-ban if it continues.